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the team


V.C. Rhone (Writer, Director, Producer)

was trained by Academy Award Winner and NYU Tisch Professor, Carol Dysinger (Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You're A Girl), One Child Nation, The History of Rock and Roll). Recently she was a finalist for The Quarantine Monologues with Leah Daniels-Butler (Precious, Lee Daniels' The Butler, Coming 2 America, The United States vs Billie Holiday). Her documentary, "Pie a la Mode" which tells the story of Black pioneers who settled in a town founded by confederates, has won multiple festivals and placed in many others.

Kate Rees Davies (Producer)

Kate is an award-winning director with experience in narrative features, short film, music videos and commercials. She is known for the Academy Award Winning film, "The King's Speech" starring Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter; and "Contagion" directed by Steven Soderbergh starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Matt Damon, Laurence Fishburne and Jude Law. Kate’s feature “Altered Perception,” staring Jon Huertas (This is Us, Castle), is currently streaming on Amazon and was previously in the running for a DGA Newcomers Award. Six short films she directed screened at the Cannes Short Film Corner and a few picked up distribution. 


Pamela M. Staton (Consulting Producer, Casting Director)

Having worked at both The Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros. Studios, Pamela is able to bring experience, knowledge, relationships and hands on know-how to the field of Casting and Producing. She has a keen sense for comedy as well, and was part of the team that launched BET's classic "Comic View" for cable television. Pamela has cast over 100 films and assisted with the marketing campaign for the Matrix Trilogy and the Harry Potter franchise. Her most recent projects, "The Fifth of July" starring Jaleel White, and "Reality Queen!" with Denise Richards, are currently available on multiple streaming platforms.

Megan Zerga (Associate Producer)

Megan is an award winning actress and filmmaker (The Island, Admana). After a lifetime of acting, Megan felt there was a lack of the stories she wanted to be told. Besides wanting to share more narratives celebrating and depicting strong independent women, she finds it is important to also shine light on the stories of those struggling to be seen. To her, filmmaking is about celebrating and sharing these beautiful stories with the world to bring people together.


Brenna Donovan (Associate Producer)

Brenna grew up performing alongside her siblings at their local theatres as well as in homemade productions with their neighbors. She spent four years in a high school performing arts program where she strengthened her skills in musical theatre and dance. Her love for performing arts led to her interest in working behind the scenes in the film industry. She is currently working on earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from CSULB.  Brenna is grateful to be a part of this amazing production, and she is excited to work alongside other women in bringing impactful stories to life

Bo Palinic (Associate Producer)

Bo is a member of the Producers Guild of America (PGA). She brings invaluable experience as a member of the producing team behind The Hobbit trilogy. She is the Clearance Supervisor for the long-running show, "America's Funniest Home Videos" starring Alfonso Ribeiro. Bo holds a Ph.D. in History from UCLA and is currently developing an epic saga series.


Laura Leal (Associate Producer)

Laura was captivated by the wonders of film scoring at a young age which ignited her passion to pursue film and develop her own visual story language. As a millennial Mexican American Latina, Laura's visual journey is to talk about the past, the present, and the future using film as a device to communicate, and showcase ideas and bring opportunities to her community using film as a means to bring everyone together. Laura's film "Mania" was nominated for 'Best Film' and 'Best of Albuquerque' for the 48 Hour Film Project.

Jenny Baumert (Director of Photography)

Jenny is a cinematic visionary who specializes in underwater cinematography. She recently worked with Grammy Award winning pop-punk sensation, Avril Lavigne, the late Alan Thicke (Love's Last Resort, Growing Pains, How I Met Your Mother, Scream Queens) and she was a part of the creative team who filmed Harry Styles' underwater video, "Falling".


Edith Mudge (Composer)

Edith earned Skidmore College's elusive Periclean Award for her work in composition. Edith has been a featured composer and contributed to the music departments of various projects including: Saturday Night Live, 90 Day Fiance, Catfish: The TV Show, Married at First Sight, Project Runway, and The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth. Most recently she worked on Disney's Marvel podcast, "Declassified" as a featured composer.

Kamiah Johnson (Production Assistant)

Kamiah is a current student at UC San Diego studying film with the goal of becoming a writer and filmmaker. Kamiah graduated from Narbonne High School as President of the Film Club, ASB Secretary, and News Editor of the Green & Gold.

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