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the movement

This is not just a movie, it's a movement. Over 40% of our team has a personal connection to uterine cancer and other endometrial disorders. As we sat sharing story after story, realized that these are not just our stories, but they are stories shared around the world by not just women but sons, nephews, husbands and fathers impacted by the loss of mothers or grandmothers or sisters or aunts or friends whom they cherished whose time here was cut short by the impact of this least talked about cancer. In spite of the serious nature of the subject matter, we're also firm believers that laughter is great medicine for the soul so we've done our part to give viewers opportunities to laugh at, and with, our characters on the screen as they grapple with illness with dignity and humor. 



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Phase 1 of our crowdfunding campaign has ended. However, you can still support this project or contribute by purchasing items from our virtual store for mugs, t-shirts, masks and more, by clicking the link below. You can also give directly via Venmo @vcrhone or CashApp $vcrhone. Please put "GTAMK" or "Good Times at Mike Kelso's" in the notes section. 

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